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Jan 22, 2013 4:00am PST
thought president obama's speech was too partisan. with divided government here in washington, he will need some gop support to pass his big agenda items. rob? paula? >> all right. tahman bradley live in washington. we had breaking news that part of the president's second term is going to get you a new hat. >> reporter: stop that. it's warm, though, okay? >> that's all that matters. >> easy for us to say, warm in the studio. >> he's doing the hard work. thank you, tahman. >>> the president is in a lot of big topics. seems like the state of the union address, a more sweeping, poetic inaugural address. climate change, immigration reform, equal pay for women. gun control. he laid out a litany of things he would like to do. and as you heard in that piece, spoke to the younger, much more diverse america, that helped get him elected. and maybe signifying the political shift in the country that's going to affect future elections. >> as if he was direct in this speech, imagine how more direct he's going to be in the state of the union on february 12th. >> term two, let it begin. stay with
Jan 23, 2013 4:00am PST
the government to continue borrowing money since may. but this is an important distinction here. rather than raising the actual debt limit, republicans leaders are proposing that the debt limit just not be enforced until mid-may. the white house says it will not stand in the way of that short-term solution. >>> but there doesn't seem to be an easy solution for middle class workers. millions of their jobs have disappeared since the great recession. millions more are likely to go. many have been displaced by technology, everything from assembly lines to clerks double-checking numbers. most of the jobs that are being added are low paying. >>> also, we're getting a look at what might be the city apartment of the future. they're called microunits. they're intended for singles, even couples, with pull-down beds and other multiuse spaces. construction will start soon in new york city on a pilot project that will include communal areas so residents can stretch out, kind of, i guess. >>> it's not just super bowl commercials costing more this year. chicken wings will be more expensive and harder to ge
Jan 24, 2013 4:00am EST
the government to keep paying its bills without a battle in congress. meanwhile, investors also say those battles are the biggest threat to the world economy, more than europe's financial crisis. >>> apple's earnings last quarter were good but not good enough. the company had a $13 billion profit, with big increases in sales of its iphones and ipads. but analysts had expected more. so, apple stock fell 11%. after the earnings report, erasing almost $47 billion in the company's market value. wow. big numbers still. >>> netflix, on the other hand, had better earnings than anyone expected, even netflix. the video streaming service added more than 2 million customers in the fourth quarter and posted a profit. that sent netflix shares soaring in after-hours trading. the company credits holiday sales of consumer electronics for the increases. >>> the subway sandwich shops are being accused of shortchanging their customers. several class-action lawsuits filed this week say the chain's foot-long subs aren't. they're not really 12 inches long. they're anywhere from a half-inch to an inch shorter. the laws
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)